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6 things you need to know about Padstow May Day 2017

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    6 things you need to know about Padstow May Day 2017

    ‘Obby ‘Oss Day or May Day as it’s known outside Padstow is a local festival, held on the 1st May. Now don’t get this confused with the normal May Day bank holiday, this is unlike anything you have ever seen.

    Over there years there have been many conflicting theories about the origins of the Obby Oss. The history of ‘Obby ‘Oss is blurred; no one really knows the origins these days as year of legend have shrouded the true purpose. Theories include its roots are from pagan times, a rainmaker, possibly a fertility symbol or to help welcome a warm summer. No one knows, however the current day fearsome mask of the ‘Obby covers his whole body, and it’s carried on the wearer’s shoulders, covered in a sail cloth.

    Locals are up early collecting flowers to display around the town. Tree branches are tied to lamposts and drainpipes. By around 8 am children start to parade their obby oss’s in preparation for the main event. The maysong is played by accordionists and drummers while the supporters sing along.

    The wearer then proceeds through Padstow’s narrow streets, swirling and dancing and accompanied by a Teazer. The Teazer leads the dance with over emphasised movements and welds a Teazer’s club, a leather pad colourfully painted and mounted on the end of a wooden rod! The Teazer’s also has a folk of followers dressed in white their costumes decorated with ribbons and sprays of cowslips and bluebells.

    This crazy spectacle winds around Padstow to the rhythm of the drums, followed by the young and old, usually local people of Padstow whom all join in the singing of the May Day song.

    ‘Obby ‘Oss Day can bring in excess of 30,000 into the small Cornish town of Padstow!

    The Metropole Hotel has long been involved in this historic tradition. Every year we welcome dozens of non residents into the hotel to enjoy the best local beers, beautiful home cooked and the unspoilt harbour views of Padstow.

    Join us this year for a delicious Pulled Pork Brioche Baps with homemade apple sauce and a selection of local beers and ciders.